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10/10/17 - Eve Wagner was quoted in a LAW 360 Article entitled "ESPN Anchor Flap Underscores Value of Social Media Policies." “We have a Twitter world, all the way from the top — the president of the United States — down,” said Eve Wagner, founding partner of Los Angeles firm Sauer & Wagner LLP. “This is only the beginning of this issue, and that’s why I think employers need to get out in front of it.” … “If you don’t discipline someone who’s protesting [with] neo-Nazis, and you do discipline people who are protesting in favor of the NFL players who are taking a knee, it’s going to look like race discrimination,” Wagner said.
ESPN Anchor Flap Underscores Value Of Social Media Policies

10/5/17 - Eve Wagner was quoted in a Law 360 Article "Why NFL Anthem Protests Aren't Getting Players Sacked." “It’s not as straightforward as many think,” said Eve Wagner, founding partner of Los Angeles firm Sauer & Wagner LLP. “There are federal, state and local laws that are involved, as well as individual contracts and the collective bargaining agreement” between the players’ union and the NFL.
Why NFL Anthem Protests Aren't Getting Players Sacked

9/7/17 On their 20 year anniversary, the founders of Sauer & Wagner LLP explained the secrets of their success. "When Sauer and Wagner started out in 1997, we knew what we didn't want. Although we didn't know much about each other personally, we had a common vision to escape the internal politics... Just as in successful marriages, open communication, deep trust and shared goals top the list, but friendship, flexibility and laughter in healthy measure builds a team that focuses on two commmon goals: premium client service and a joint commitment to quality."
Small Firm Partnership: Making it Work

9/1/17 - Eve Wagner told Wired that fired Google engineer James Damore may have "legal leg to stand on" under the National Labor Relations Act. While traditionally applying to union organizing, the NLRA can also be interpreted to protect employees who discuss the workplace with other employees. Ms. Wagner also commented that another avenue Damore's attorneys might attempt is to argue that the memo was protected under state law becuase it related to alleged unequal treatment of works.
Fired Google memo writer exploring legal action may not have case against company, lawyer says

8/8/17 - Eve Wagner was quoted in an article appearing in Wired Magazine "Google Manifesto Author Just Might Have a Legal Case." "Yes he has a leg to stand on," says Eve Wagner, a partner at the Los Angeles law firm Sauer & Wagner who specializes in employment law. "I don't know if he'll keep standing, but he has a leg to get through the courtroom door."

8/4/17 - Ms. Wagner authored an article "Using AI To Monitor For Workplace Sexual Harassment", which appeared in Law 360. "Sexual harassment scandals are putting pressure on Silicon Valley to change what some have coined its “fraternal” culture. What had been simmering in the nation’s technological capital for years recently burst into a rolling boil when a former Uber engineer alleged enduring months of sexual advances from her immediate supervisor and having her job threatened for reporting him."
Sexual harassment scandals are putting pressure on Silicon Valley

8/1/17 - Gerald Sauer authored an article "Our View: Alexa, how much is my privacy work?" “Millions of people are putting digital assistants in their lives with no clue about the potential havoc this Trojan horse could bring,” intellectual property lawyer Gerald Sauer wrote in a column for Wired last winter.
Our view: Alexa, how much is my privacy worth?

The Star Online

7/13/2017 - Founders Gerald Sauer & Eve Wagner share their secrets for building a successful, rewarding law partnership that is celebrating its 20-year anniversary.
Small Firm Patnership Article

6/29/17 - Eve Wagner was quoted in an article appearing in the Los Angeles Times regarding sexual harassment and non-disparagement agreements in the tech industry. "Handing an employee a non-disparagement agreement to sign just after she has complained about sexual harassment is ill-advised, to put it mildly,” Wagner said. “It smacks of retaliation and, unlike a settlement agreement, cannot stop the employee from making the claim. Nor does it allow a company to avoid its legal obligations to conduct a prompt, thorough investigation."
A start-up investor used his power 'for sexual gain.' Now the tech industry is challenging the power dynamic

6/27/17 - Eve Wagner was quoted in the Los Angeles Times in an article about sexual harassment in the tech industry. “The bravery of a few has had a positive impact,” said Eve Wagner." "Any complaint made has to be investigated under the law and there are antidiscrimination protections for those who come forward, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be subtle discrimination in the workplace,” Wagner added. “It can be hard for a woman to stand up and say something without fear of dynamics in the workplace changing. It can be as simple as other male co-workers not wanting to go out after work with a woman after she makes a claim.”
Another sexual harassment scandal in the tech world in which alleged victims risked their careers to expose it

4/4/17 - Eve Wagner ws quoted in Law 360 in an article "A Closer Look at the Current State of Equal Pay." "On average women are compensated by about 80 percent of every dollar a man receives for the same work.
A Closer Look At The Current State Of Equal Pay

3/26/17 - Gerald Sauer was quoted in an article "Insane Ways Your Internet History Can Be Used Against You" in Culture Hash. “These are not potential listening devices. They are listening devices”. – Gerald Sauer, Wired

2/9/17 - Bill No. 301 would make it illegal for employers to require, as a condition of employment, that current or prospective employees “refrain from using a substance that is lawful to use under the laws of this state during nonworking hours.”
Oregon Looks To Make It Illegal To Ban Pot Outside Work

2/13/17 - Gerald Sauer authored - Elder Abuse: Protecting Your Client And Your Practice In Complicated Situations
Elder Abuse

2/28/17 - Based on what Amazon and Google say about their devices, everyone needs to recognize the unresolved legal issues involving this new technology. Beware of who, or what, is listening.

1/9/17 - Eve Wagner was quoted in an article about laws legalizing marijuana. "Employers can still decide not to tolerate any marijuana use because it is a Schedule I drug under the federal Controlled Substances Act."
Will Trump’s Administration Enforce Marijuana Laws?

1/3/2017 - Eve Wagner authored an article which appeared in LAW 360 entitled “Can Employers Still Drug Test Where Marijuana is Legal? Sorry to be a buzz kill, but in many states where marijuana has become more accessible and legal, employers can still drug test for weed. It would be great if the rules were clear, stable and uniform from state to state and across the country. But the reality is, especially with an incoming right-leaning cabinet, you’re facing a mixed bag of guidelines over the next couple of years.
Can Employers Still Drug Test Where Marijuana Is Legal?

12/30/16 – Eve Wagner authored an article which appeared in the Daily Journal: “Welcome to the Gig economy.” Misclassification claims continue to mount up from the work of both federal and state government watchdogs. These include the Employment Development Department, the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Labor. Add to that collective and class actions, and others brought against employers under PAGA, the Private Attorneys General Act. So buckle your seatbelts as the crackdown on independent contractors continues in 2017.
The Gig Economy