In 1997, Gerald L. Sauer and Eve H. Wagner made the decision to leave their positions as equity partners in a large Los Angeles law firm to start a new firm that would achieve  their vision of the best way to meet the needs of their clients. At that time, Gerald and Eve recognized that the interests of many clients were adversely impacted by the inefficiencies of large firms, such as the pressure to bill a specific number of hours each month to meet artificially targeted profit goals, an inability to quickly adapt to changes in technology, and the need to train inexperienced attorneys. To avoid those problems, S&W’s founders created a civil trial practice boutique law firm.

From the very beginning, Gerald and Eve decided that their law firm would be dedicated to putting the client’s interests first. To meet this goal, S&W’s clients are represented by seasoned trial attorneys whose focus is on results, not billable hours. S&W’s clients also benefit from the firm’s collegial environment that ensures that its attorneys, paralegals and staff engage in a free flow of ideas and remain focused on the client’s objectives at all times. In addition, each of S&W’s clients receive the same quality of services, because S&W is not financially dependent upon a particular client or matter.

In April 2010, The Daily Journal published “Building Byte by Byte,” discussing the creation of S&W. In January 2015, The Daily Journal followed up with “Nimble Does It,” discussing how the firm has stayed true to its original philosophy of providing efficient and effective services for its clients.In

March 2015, Robert S. Chapman, a seasoned trial attorney, joined S&W as a partner. Bob, Gerald and Eve have known each other for many years as a result of practicing law together as equity partners in the same large Los Angeles law firm. Bob shares the same philosophy as S&W’s founders, and he has welcomed the opportunity to be a part of S&W’s “family” environment.

S&W’s legal team now consists of seven highly talented attorneys, along with their professional staff.