Sauer & Wagner LLP is a civil trial practice boutique law firm founded by Gerald Sauer in 1997. With what the Daily Journal called a "philosophical commitment to nimbleness and efficiency," the firm has a history of winning for both big-name clients and private citizens. S&W’s clients enjoy the benefits of cost-effective representation by experienced trial attorneys who know how to develop and execute a winning strategy.


S&W’s clients enjoy the unique benefit of being represented by seasoned trial attorneys who combine many years of big firm training with "first chair" experience in a wide variety of practice areas, including:

S&W handles a wide range of lawsuits for plaintiffs and defendants that arise out of residential, industrial or commercial real estate transactions including breach of purchase and sale agreements, easement and boundary disputes, failure to disclose material information, landlord/tenant matters, unlawful detainer proceedings, construction defects, wrongful cutting of trees and mechanics’ liens. 

S&W represents individuals and companies in the prosecution and defense of business-related lawsuits including claims arising from breach of contract, fraud, partner/corporate governance and dissolution, theft of trade secrets, unfair competition, professional malpractice, negligence and violation of various statutes.

S&W understands both sides of the employment relationship and routinely represents employees or employers in arbitration or lawsuits arising from wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination (i.e., age, gender, race, national origin, religion, disability, pregnancy, or genetic information), retaliation, wage and hour violations, breach of employment and/or non-competition agreements and privacy issues.   

S&W's attorneys are skilled in the art of drafting persuasive appellate briefs, and they have argued complex legal issues before many appellate courts, including the California Supreme Court, the California Court of Appeal, the Federal Circuit of Appeals and the Ninth Circuit of Appeals.       

S&W provides day-to-day strategic guidance for large and small employers in a wide range of industries, with respect to complying with all applicable labor laws and regulations, managing employment relationships and personnel issues and minimizing risks of litigation.  S&W also conducts workplace investigations concerning misconduct claims including, but not limited to, interviewing key witnesses and recommending appropriate measures to be taken by the employer.

S&W's expertise in handling entertainment industry lawsuits is evidenced by its representation of motion picture and television studios, executives, producers, directors, writers, actors, musicians, authors, and personal and business managers involving, for example, claims for participant/accounting issues, breach of various oral and written contracts, right of publicity, invasion of privacy and defamation. 

S&W specializes in handling lawsuits involving “creations of the mind” that typically involve claims for copyright and/or trademark infringement, theft of ideas or misappropriation of trade secrets. 

S&W acknowledges that the eradication of toxic contaminates in public and private water supplies is an important issue and has represented states, cities, counties and water districts in their efforts to require the parties, who are responsible for water pollution, to pay the substantial costs associated with cleaning up contaminated water supplies.