Gerald Sauer’s article in The Daily Journal on data privacy laws

Expect California’s data privacy laws to become the governing model

by Gerald Sauer

A hodge-podge: That’s the current U.S. data privacy regime. Long after the EU, Canada, and most other developed nations — as well as many states — have enacted strong regulatory frameworks for handling consumer data, the folks in D.C. are finally ready to take the issue seriously. It’s about time. Headlines about Cambridge Analytica, Uber, Google, Equifax and others have exposed the dark underbelly of data privacy.

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Gerald Sauer’s Law360 article on Puma’s trademark fight

The Trade Dress Issues Raised By Puma “Drive Thru” Shoes

by Gerald Sauer

When could a row of palm trees result in a legal dispute? When they appear on the shoelaces of a new line of sneakers that aims to capture the laid-backCalifornia coastal vibe.Footwear giant Puma North America Inc. recently introduced a $120 red, yellow and white sneaker dubbed the “Cali-0 Drive Thru” shoe. On its website, Puma describes the shoe as inspired by the essence of the California lifestyle: “The Cali Drive Thru pays homage to this classic style and an essential part of the Cali lifestyle: its burger diners.”

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