Gerald Sauer’s Recorder article on the dangers of judicial realism

Judicial Realism Is Dangerous

Judges reach decisions on matters before them, then find laws to support their predetermined result. They may ignore laws that dictate a different outcome and conveniently disregard prior decisions that have a bearing on the cases in front of them.

by Gerald Sauer

Imagine scientists manipulating data in order to prove their hypotheses. That would be considered a gross violation of scientific protocol, mandating the harshest sanctions against the researchers and rejection of their research.

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New requirements for tipped workers: Sonya Goodwin’s article in Hunton

DC Employers of Tipped Workers Must Prepare To Comply With New Wage and Hour Requirements

By Sonya Goodwin & Robert T. Dumbacher on May 9, 2019

To all employers in Washington DC who employ tipped workers, heed this warning: as of July 1, 2019, you must comply with new notice, reporting, and training requirements, as set forth in the Tipped Wage Workers Fairness Amendment Act of 2018 (the “Act”).  The Act, which became effective December 13, 2018, repealed a ballot initiative (Initiative No. 77) that would have changed how tipped workers in DC would have been paid to eventually match the standard minimum wage by 2026.  With the goal of protecting the rights of tipped workers, the Act sets forth the following requirements for all employers of tipped workers in the District:

All Employee Rights Notice Requirements: The Mayor must create and maintain a website that provides information about employees’ rights under various anti-discrimination and labor laws, including information about how to report violations of such laws.  All employers (not just those with tipped workers) must display a poster that contains the website address, a list of the anti-discrimination, labor, and federal laws, the hourly minimum wage, and the hourly tipped minimum wage.  The poster is provided by the Mayor’s office and must be posted in a conspicuous place accessible to all employees.  Employers must also maintain printed copies of all of the information contained on the website and compile them in a single location and make the documents available at every location where the poster is displayed.  Employers must make sure these documents are up to date on a monthly basis.

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Gerald Sauer’s article on difficult bosses

At What Point Has A Difficult Boss Gone Too Far?

by Gerald Sauer

We’ve all had our share of difficult bosses. Those who micromanage to death and those who pay no attention at all. The experts who lack basic communication skills and the sub-proficient who love interacting with employees.

But how do you determine when your boss is so difficult or stressful that you should look for ways to protect yourself?

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