Intellectual Property Litigation

Amir has substantial experience in handling jury and bench civil trials in federal and state courts and in litigating disputes in private arbitrations.
Greg has substantial experience in litigating civil disputes in federal and state courts and in private arbitrations. With co-counsel Robert S. Chapman, he obtained a $900,000 jury award in favor of the owner of show-jumping horses against his broker/trainer who was found to have committed fraud and breached fiduciary duties by “flipping” horses, i.e., purchasing a horse and immediately re-selling the horse to a client for multiples of the purchase price.
Bob is an accomplished trial attorney who has litigated numerous civil actions and obtained verdicts in hundreds of millions of dollars in high-profile and high stakes controversies.


Senior Partner

Gerald has over 35 years of experience in litigating civil lawsuits including numerous jury and bench trials in federal and state courts and resolving disputes through private arbitrations and mediations.


Founding Partner